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Pepper's Astrology

they raised those eyes to the stars

pepper's astrology and readings
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This community is for those who are interested in their daily horoscopes. This is my day job. I am a Licensed Astrologer. This involves taking and passing a test just like any other board certified or performance/ability part. It means that when I have to, I can draw a chart with a compass and protractor. Computers have spoiled me on that, though.

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If you know me from my *passion* job (music) that is cool as well.

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I think of myself more as the Queen of Swords/Page of Cups mix these days. Dontcha worry I'm not all "Hey I'm Miss High Priestess blah blah blah" on yer ass.

If not and you are just interested in your horoscope, that's great too. I will try to be diligent about updating this one.

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I really will. I have some procrastination problems but I'm working out the kinks in that karmic inheritance. I think.

Brief Bio:

I am a scorpio sun with gemini moon very close to cancer and an aquarius ascendant.

I used to be on the radio here in Cleveland for several years. I also was a columnist for a magazine here. In that time I got to do readings and charts for various people in the news and particularly the rock world including

Fiona Apple, John Glenn, Michael Stipe, Stevie Nicks, Steven Tyler, Tori Amos, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Johnny Cash and a whole bunch of people and events I am blanking out on right now.

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