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Pepper's Astrology
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Below are the 3 most recent journal entries recorded in pepper's astrology and readings' LiveJournal:

Thursday, October 16th, 2003
2:36 pm
This fall is an especially soul searching time. It is a trying time for all in the zodiac. Now is a time for reinventing, for atonement, for taking stock. Along with the autumnal harvest type themes here in the northern hemisphere, even the Aussie and other southern folks will see that there is a different feel to this particular season. There will be a period for reinvention, for rebuilding or rewiring of the self, a need to break old habits that are harmful, a need to seek out people who may be on the same spiritual path, whether this is how to read an aura or how to fix an S pipe in a sink.

This is not an easy time. And there will also be a general need to hermit and recharge our batteries often accompanied by a hot bath or music (don't let the discplayer fall in the tub!)

And this is all okay. Again like I have said in reference to myself there is a time for being and a time for doing and if you need to just be at this time and think, this is fine, this is actually going to be a bit more "natural" feeling at current time of writing.
If you feel you should be doing, do. The world can't stop for a few "sensitives" taking stock. But if your doing is covering up what you might not want to discover about yourself while "being," you may need to take a moment.

Sometimes out of fear, we do things that we think are out of love. To ourselves and those around us. And we need to atone. I have a heavy heart myself today. Very. Because sometimes the only force allowing us perspective in this type of atonement is time.

How many times have you hidden a truth or caused a drama directly or indirectly that you couldn't be straight up about for a decade or more? I've learned now in lying to one's parents, about where you are going or whatnot, now at almost 28 I can laugh with my parents about these things, realizing they knew all along.

But at sixteen? Christ, no!

So what I am trying to summarize now is that those orbs in the heaven, those fixed and nonfixed stars, they are telling us all to fess up to ourselves, so that later we can atone properly to any we've hurt. Now is the time.

I will share with you some of my own personal findings about me:

I sometimes talk loudly or exagerrate a funny story for attention. If the guy's fake leg fell off at the bar in the real story, my version may have it sailing across the room landing in the piano.

I sometimes don't speak up for myself to preserve someone else's feelings. If someone is going on and on about for example a band I don't really care for at all, I just say nothing or I nod. But I neve r have the more aries bravado to say "I hate that band!"

I am lazy. It is very hard for me to get up early early and go to an office type job.

These are all things that I personally need to do some working on. Look inward and see what needs maintenance in YOU. Sometimes we are so busy pleasing others and taking care of things, we forget to take care of US. And if you have very little YOU to work with, how can you help anyone else?

love and peace and bountiful blessings to you and yours,

Current Mood: introspective
Wednesday, October 8th, 2003
12:34 pm

ARIES: Today is your day for sure. The full moon in your sign means it is time to see and be seen. Don't hole up in the house today or tonight. This is your optimal time to make connections, meet people, and sparkle.

TAURUS: You may be feeling a bit like you're the one doing all the work in trying to communicate with your family and other loved ones. This influence will shift more dramatically mid to late afternoon and you'll find you're finally getting more than giving for once.

GEMINI: You seem to be in demand today, or at least your time and skills will be. Don't feel too obligated to be nice. Your health could suffer from burning all that mercurian energy. Do what you absolutely minimally must.

CANCER: Tonight's full moon as in any full moon will leave you lusty and introspective at the same time. For attached cancerians, break out the wine and roses. For those flying solo, at the very least depending on which way the mood swings today, buy yourself a new toy, a blank book for your musings, or something from the "adult" store for your full moon stirrings.

LEO: Stupid arguments could arise because the object of your affections may not be articulating his/her needs in a way that makes sense to you. Take it with a grain of salt. This moon is a good time for you to start a regimen you've been putting off all summer.

VIRGO: Try not to sweat the small stuff or take anything as a personal sleight. You may find yourself feeling edgy and pushed, as if things and statements are directed at you, when really its more innocent than that. Treat yourself to something small like a record or a book.

LIBRA: Though the time of year is yours, the moon is in your opposite sign, Aries, which may be making you feel a little blue or out of sorts. Even if its not your actual birthday tonight, pretend like it is and do something venusianly indulgent, be it a bubble bath or a dinner that's past your price range.

SCORPIO: The Aries moon gives you that kick in the ass you need to get your ball rolling more. Try to get some household chores out of the way, but be careful with your spending.

SAGITTARIUS: Now may be a time to work on something at home, for once. If you do something creative, practice your craft. It may also be a good night for you to do the cooking.

CAPRICORN: Like virgo, you may be feeling some issues especially in the workplace right now are coming off as personal attacks. The goat has a good sense of humor but hates to be the butt of the joke, so if someone is joshing with you a little more than comfortable, kindly let them know. Tonight, spend time with the one you love most.

AQUARIUS: You may also be feeling a bit scattered today, as if you have too many places and times to be at those places without enough of YOU to go around. Take a deep breath and just try to go with the flow. Music is a nice escapism between journeys.

PISCES: Something pleasant may come your way in the mail (e or postal) tonight or early tomorrow. Meantime, try and lay low and spoil yourself. Also, use this time to make a mental or on paper outline of what you need and want to accomplish in your personal growth the next three months.

Current Mood: awake
Tuesday, October 7th, 2003
6:31 pm
Realistically, I am going to try to update these once a week. I know myself too well to say I can do dailies!

TUESDAY, 07 OCT 2003

ARIES: The pisces moon may make you somewhat wistful and dreamier than usual today. Focus on the must-do tasks and the rest of the day will go by relatively uneventfully.

TAURUS: The main focus on your plate Tuesday will be your more romantically based relationships and the direction they may or may not be heading. Be more practical and pragmatic on what can or cannot be changed in another.

GEMINI: The people around you that are normally dear to you may be pushing your buttons more than usual. If you feel tense, make yourself scarce tonight.

CANCER: Your heart may be using this moon energy to better direct where it is you SHOULD be now rather than where others want you to be. Listen to your intuition tonight.

LEO: Work related issues may be thinning your usual leo nerves of steel. If you are feeling underappreciated and over-worked, don't worry, this is a passing phase and things will be better by Thursday.

VIRGO: Sometimes you don't always get people to understand what you want from them because you don't tell them. Use your critical eye instead this evening to better address your own needs and how your loved ones can meet them. It's okay to be the taker as well as the giver sometimes.

LIBRA: The pre full moon energy may leave you feeling somewhat wry and impish. Work and school related issues are not the best place for your energy to prosper today. You could even get yourself in trouble for having too much fun when work is expected.

SCORPIO: Finances are not necessarily in the order you meant them to be. Use the full moon energy tomorrow to work on this aspect of your life. Tonight, try to stop thinking so much.

SAGITARRIUS: You may be feeling a little more emotional than usual
tonight. Resist the urge to play the "I coulda shoulda woulda" game and instead have some low key fun with your friends.

CAPRICORN: Your "can do" pragmatic attitude may sometimes leave you feeling taken for granted. If this would be the case at this time, you need to address this with those it concerns. Same sex friends play a role tonight in letting you unwind and vent.

AQUARIUS: You may be feeling as if you are forced to play "teacher" among your projects when you'd rather hang back and play the nonconformist student. This whole week focuses on better ways to manage yourself and challenge your maturity. Bear with it.

PISCES: Tonight you may find yourself being disappointed by a mate because you didn't dictate your expectations in a way they understand. You may also feel you are the only one in things for the romance. A low key night in would suit you best tonight; avoid the bar scene!

Current Mood: hopeful
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